The Power of Voice

In a crowded media environment, individuals and institutions are constantly seeking new ways to get their voices heard. The democratization of media via technology tools that are easy to access, operate and share has served a dual purpose. It has allowed more people than ever to share their perspective but it has concurrently made it harder for your message to be heard. Democratization of access does not always equate to democratization of audience. Larger media companies have the ability to consolidate resources and scale their impact. Though that is a compelling narrative it does not tell the entire story. Consolidated media often lacks an authentic viewpoint that deeply resonates with their audience. Studies have shown that while podcast, for the most part, are still fragmented there is an outsized percentage of listener loyalty.

“Podcasting offers a level of engagement with audiences that is incomparable with other digital media.” — Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University, Dec ‘15

“Podcast audiences are devoted fans whose enthusiasm carries over to the sponsors of their favorite shows” — Anna Bager, SVP and GM, IAB

The above quotes are representative of the tremendous opportunity to share your own voice. The power of your voice as personified by your podcast message and theme is a powerful asset in a medium that has yet to consolidate.

2 Dope Boys & a Podcast, the culture/insights show I co-founded & co-host with Michael Brooks exemplifies the power of voice. We have taken our singular expertise in cultural anthropology and fused it with our backgrounds to create a show that is uniquely relevant. Our voices are in sync with our listeners. Our listeners are our first responsibility and we know we have to speak directly to them in a way that engages them. Because our show exist in the culture space the trust we establish with listeners is even more valuable. In turn, that value can be transitioned to advertisers, brands and organizations but only IF (capitalized on purpose) they are willing to do the heavy lifting and understand our Cultural Prime Directive.

The Cultural Prime Directive is our voice yelling through a megaphone at the top of a mountain. It is the philosophical anchor of the show. We developed the Cultural Prime Directive as a roadmap to both our anthropological work and our contextualization of cultural moments in the zeitgeist. The Cultural Prime Directive is a collection of principles and rationales that serve as a blueprint for both strategic and structural shifts in the culture. You can read more here, but it is comprised of four core tenants (1) Do No Harm (2) Reevaluate Your Time Horizon (3) Be Brave (4) Lead a Love Centered Revolution.

Probe, explore and develop your voice. We have managed to do just that and it has empowered our show and our business far beyond what we could have imagined when we began this journey. Find your collaborators, your brothers and sisters in arms. We have a strong Crew that hold us down and add their flavor to what we do, amplifying and spreading all of our voices through the collective. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have so use it wisely and courageously.

2 Dope Boys is an insights/trend-focused podcast that uses the lens of culture to breakdown the issues of the day. We touch everything from music, pop culture, business (specifically branding + advertising), politics and our collective future.

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