Podcasting Tips for Beginners

CastBox user Rian Smith, also host of “The Deep Dive Report” , has sent us an email with useful information to help those who want to join the podcasting family! You can also check out his podcast on CastBox at http://castbox.fm/p/id372723



My name is Rian Smith and I am a a fellow podcaster who has a podcast on Castbox called “The Deep Dive Report”.

The Deep Dive Report is a podcast to take listeners past the surface of sports and to help build a greater understanding of the business behind the game.

The Deep Dive Report was launched August 22, 2016 and I would like to share some ideas and thoughts that can help current and future podcasters.

Equipment — Below is what I am currently using for my podcast and this is very cost effective.


  • Skype — most used application to conduct interviews or shows with one or more guests/hosts

  • Ecamm — great tool for recording your phone calls or Skype calls. This is a must have in the podcast industry.

  • GargeBand — it’s a very user friendly application if you have a Mac and also it’s very easy to record, edit, convert and compress different audio files.

  • Audacity — my favorite podcast tool! This is the best tool to use to take out any kind of background noise if you’re recording with someone via phone, Skype, etc with noise reduction. This is also a great application to record and edit audio files if you do not have a Mac.

Format of the Podcast (Questions to ask yourself…)

  • Try to have an idea on how you would like to present your show (this is very tough).

  • Decide how long do you want each episode to be… (my episodes range from 30–50 minutes).

  • Do you want to have a weekly podcast or daily podcast?

  • What kind of content can you deliver on a consistent basis?

  • What is your demographic or audience you want to attract?


  • I would recommend everyone to start out with sharing your podcast with friends and family first just to see who can give you constructive feedback.

  • Social media is a must when advertising your podcast (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

  • Whoever shows interest in your podcast first, try to connect with them and bring them along the journey so they can spread the word!

  • I always try to repeat this to myself a thousand times when it comes to marketing….”Think Local first and then National”. Basically I always try to remind myself to focus on my core network of friends, family and listeners before I focus on expanding to far out.

  • John Lee Dumas is a pioneer of podcasting and I would recommend to everyone to check out his podcast “Entrepreneur on Fire”. He is known as a great resource for getting started in the podcast industry. His website is EOFIre.com.

  • “Stuff You Should Know” is also a podcast I would highly recommend because it is so different and not reliable on guests or what’s current today.

I hope this information helps and please let me know if you have any other questions and concerns!

Thanks for reading,

Rian Smith

(Rian can be reached at rian_smith@live.com if you have any question or concern for him! For more information about Rian’s podcast, check out at thedeepdivereport.net)


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